Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Selection of Works from Néant Bleu

 Alex Braubach

 Kevin Joseph Laccone

 Kevin Joseph Laccone (top) & Alex Heilbron (bottom)

 Alex Heilbron (left) & Kurtis Wilson (right)

 Owen Takabayashi

 Alex Braubach

 Alex Braubach

 Johannes Beverung

 Alex Braubach

 Owen Takabayashi

 Kit Rosenberg

 Paul Passgudauf

 Jevijoe Vitug

 Jesus Chaidez

 Homero Hidalgo

 Alex Braubach

Tara Lisa Foley

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Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011


Done For Now And Untitled With The Letter S
Two elements.
Acrylic and white-out on framed photograph, and acrylic on canvas on wood.

Néant Bleu - Yet Another Tea Party

{ } Néant Bleu is pleased to present

Yet Another Tea Party
an apartment show

Curated by Eve La Lune and Paul Passgudauf.

Vernissage, Sunday, December 18th, 5 – 9 pm.
Finissage, Sunday, January 22nd, 2012, 5 – 9 pm.
Open by appointment, call Eve at +49.176.94644567 or Paul at +49.1609.4860835,
or email

Torstrasse 70, D-10119 Berlin.
Ring the blue bell!

Néant Bleu is the latest project of the artist and curator duo Eve La Lune and Paul Passgudauf, collaborating on a series of interdisciplinary, mobile group exhibitions being presented in private spaces, based in Berlin. The first installment titled “Yet Another Tea Party” focuses on the accents of an atmospheric experience, its familiarity and responses to it.

While introducing international, emerging talent of cultural producers to the local arts community, Néant Bleu wishes to explore the ways in which links are found and created between a group of makers, writers, and performers of diverse backgrounds and their audience, as well as the associations that are being made respectively.

Showcasing a group of 20+ international artists from the United Kingdom, the United States and Berlin, Néant Bleu aims at creating opportunity and exposure for a family of rare tropical fruit. 

David Apps (London)
Johannes Beverung (Berlin)
Alex Braubach (San Francisco)
Sabrina Casadei (Berlin)
Jesus Chaidez (Los Angeles)
Jackie Clark (London)
Tara Lisa Foley (Los Angeles)
Adrian Galpin (London)
Marco Gianni (Berlin)
Jason Gibilaro (London)
Marco Goldenstein (Berlin)
Alex Heilbron (Vancouver)
Homero Hidalgo (San Francisco)
Ruth Hodgins (Glasgow)
Baron Anastis van Hustler (Berlin)
Veronika Kochubey (Berlin)
Kevin Joseph Laccone (New York)
Paul Passgudauf (Berlin)
Jim Polan (Tulsa)
Ida Rand (Portland)
Kit Rosenberg (Chicago)
Niko Solorio (Los Angeles)
Richard Starbuck (London)
Owen Takabayashi (San Francisco)
Cynthia Underwood (Washington D.C.)
Jevijoe Vitug (Las Vegas)
SP Williams (Berlin)
Kurtis Wilson (Vancouver)
Yoraco (Berlin)

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

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